Top Ten Summer Activities



I love summer. After watching Blake for the last 14 months, I am convinced he does too. When I was in elementary school I would always look forward to summer and create a top ten list of things I wanted to do before school started back. Now, I have a full-time job, I am in college, and I don’t have the summers off anymore. But, since we had Blake, some of that youthful anticipation has come back.


So, I have decided to post a top ten list. This isn’t your average David Letterman top ten list. Neither it is a top ten best things to do with your toddler. It is simply a top ten list of things that I plan to do with my family this summer. If it inspires you to do some of these things, great. If it inspires you to create your own top ten, then I have done my job.


Here they are:


10. Go Fishing

We tackled this one early. We took Blake to Papa Kelly’s private pond last weekend and he loved it. You should have seen his face when the bobber disappeared and the bass jumped around. Of course, he did have a little help from Meme pulling it in.

9. Go to a Park and Feed the Ducks

This one will be coming up pretty soon. He has already visited with Gammy.

8. Find a Pet Turtle

His first big word was turtle. He was going into the pediatrician’s office (yeah, the same one!) and said “tut tul”. My mom (Meme) didn’t know what he was saying at the time until he went in and pointed at the turtle aquarium in the waiting room and said it again. Ever since he has been fascinated with all things turtle.

7. Take Bono (The Dog) to a State Forest

We have a state forest just down the road from us and we have been meaning to do this for a long time.

6. Go to the Beach

Technically, we have already don this one too. He was just a few months old, though so he wasn’t able to enjoy it as much. The next three items  are repeats of this trip, as well. However, they are definitely worth repeating.

5. Ride a Boat/Ferry

When we go to the beach it is a tradition to ride the ferry . I am sure we will do it again.

4. Visit a State Aquarium

Blake loves to watch marine animals. Now, he will be able to walk around and enjoy the hands-on exhibits.

3. Eat a Britt’s Donut

092212120246 If you’ve never had the chance to eat one, do it. They are the stuff legends are made of!

2. Make a Craft Together

I’m not sure what this is yet. I just know that it will be fun.


And the number one thing to do this summer….


1. Go Camping

Yeah, that one might be more for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy, but I think he will like it too.


What are some things you plan on doing with your family this summer? Leave a comment and inspire others!

Hey, Dads Change Diapers Too!



It’s true. Dads do change diapers. When mother nature calls a kid, the kid don’t know how to send that call to voicemail. You could be out to dinner, at a baseball game, or even in Wal-Mart. When the kid has to go, he’ll usually go. Yes, we are working on potty training but it is a work in progress. It doesn’t matter where you are, if the kid poops his pants his diaper needs changing.  In fact, sometimes dads are out with their little one on their own and need to change a diaper. This happened to me on a recent trip to the pediatrician’s office. Let me repeat that…the PEDIATRICIAN’S OFFICE! I was about 30 minutes early because I picked Blake up from daycare and wasn’t sure how long it would take. Anyone that travels I-40 in the Raleigh, NC area knows what I mean. Anyway, we did our usual tour of the waiting room and visited the turtles. Blake’s first word besides mama and dada was turtle and was spoken in that very waiting room. Suddenly, I caught a whiff of what I thought might have been a dead turtle but upon further sniffing found that we had a dirty diaper to change. I walked over to the counter and asked where the restroom was so I could change him. To my utter shock and amazement, the nurse looked at me perplexed and said “ the men’s room is around the corner but it doesn’t have a changing station.” I looked at her with the same look she gave me and said “ well this is a dad friendly place, huh?”  She sad that she would try to get me in a room early so I could change him. I wanted to say that she was welcome to take him into the women’s restroom and change him, but my mama taught me to be nice so I just said “that will be great, thanks.”


I went in a changed his diaper and waited for the doctor to come by. While I was waiting, I got to thinking…How many places have a changing station in the men’s room? I know I have been amazed at some of the places that do. I once went to a bar that had one in there. Some concert venues do. The pediatrician’s office…nope, nada. I’m thinking it’s time to switch pediatricians.


Do you know places that are dad friendly? How about some strange places that are dad friendly? Let me know in the comments below.