Second Chances

Second Chances









It’s been nearly two years since my last post. In fact, I recently received the renewal notice and contemplated deleting the site. The truth is, keeping up with family, work, and school is hard enough. When you add in time to keep up a blog, it’s next to impossible.

After much consideration, I have decided to give this blog thing a second chance. After all, I am giving this dad thing a second chance…wait for it…ah, yes. Did you see what I did there? We are expecting child #2!

This pregnancy has been almost a complete opposite of when she was carrying Blake. We haven’t found out the sex yet, but we think it may be a girl. My wife has been sick for the entire first trimester and was barely able to eat. This has been so different from Blake. I was the one that got sick that time! Only once though.

It has been fun sharing this experience with a three-year old. He talks about the baby in mommy’s belly every day. He is excited about it and can’t wait to share his toys with the baby. The one thing I hope to convince him to change is he wants to name the baby Olaf. Yeah, that annoying snowman from Disney’s Frozen movie. If you ask me, that kid watches too much TV!

As we continue our pregnancy journey, I’ll attempt to continue updating the blog. Look for me to share some lessons learned, funny anecdotes, and other stories from the life I live as the smart dad.

Oh yeah, our due date is in September and I will be starting my last quarter of college in October. I’m looking forward to ending that phase and starting a new one with my slightly larger family.