Learning to Share



Today was our son’s first birthday party. We will have his second, first birthday party in a couple of weeks. It worked out great because our dog turns three this week. Yes, we celebrate our dog’s birthday. We also call him brother when we refer to him in front of Blake, our son. Don’t judge me.


Anyway, I have heard a lot of people say that it is hard for an only child to learn to share because they have everything to themselves. I disagree with this for two reasons. One, I am an only child and I am sharing this valuable information with anyone that reads this. Also, Blake loves to share with his brother, Bono the dog. Today as he was eating his lunch, he would take a bite and pass a bite to the dog. In fact, every time he eats, he shares something with the dog. We have repeatedly tried to stop this habit but have succumbed to the fact that he is just sharing with his buddy. We constantly see the two of them sharing their toys. Blake has a toy box and so does Bono. We have  found Blake’s toys in Bono’s box numerous times. Bono’s tennis ball seems to always be in Blake’s toy box. I think playing fetch is their favorite thing to do together. They play it a little different, though. Bono will bounce the ball and bat it away with his snout. Blake will go get it and bring it back so Bono can do it again.


At the party today, we had a few members of family over and everyone enjoyed playing with Blake and Bono. After all of the play, both of them had a bath. Separately, of course. After the baths they came out and were getting sleepy. What happened next was priceless. Blake grabbed his plush rabbit and took it over to where Bono was laying on the floor as if to say “ Here, this is more comfortable than the floor.” Bono looked at it and scooted over to it, laid down on it, and fell asleep.


Yes, an only child does know how to share.


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