Is It Too Early To Potty Train?

Our son will be 13 months this week and he has already peed and pooped in the potty. No, he isn’t potty trained and we aren’t forcing him to do anything. We simply give him the opportunity to use the potty and he has, twice.


Now, I have read the articles that say potty training before age three can be harmful. I have also read that there are some signs that your child is ready to be potty trained. Armed with this information I can boldly state that…I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS! I do know that Blake is showing a lot of the signs that he is ready. He will come to us when he has poop in his diaper and want to be changed. He also will wake up from a nap dry. In fact, that is the first time he peed in the potty. He woke up dry and we sat him on the potty. It was just a minute or to and he went. He was so excited. He knew something was going on and we cheered him on.


We aren’t expecting him to be out of diapers anytime soon, but if he can get used to going to the potty this early, what is the harm? Again, I am not a doctor, nor do I have all of the answers. However, if you want to start potty training your child, here is what we do:


1. Take notice when your child starts coming to you with a dirty diaper.

2. Buy a potty and let your child get used to sitting on it.

3. Put your kid on the potty when he wakes up.

4. Sing the potty song (we just made one up).

5. Celebrate when your child does something in the potty.

6. Most of all, make it fun.


Of course, potty training takes time and patience. You don’t want to yell at your child or get frustrated. This should be a fun time for your child and a time for praise. We even bought a special treat for when Blake does go potty.


So, is it too early? I don’t know. We are having fun with it and he seems to enjoy it. How soon was your child potty trained? Do you have any tips to share? If so, please leave your tips in the comments section. I look forward to the discussions.